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Video games and Stories

I believe stories are fundamental and specific human experiences, capable of manipulating our emotions or just transporting us to fantastic worlds of adventure. And I also think that video games have elevated these experiences to an unprecedented level through their unique possibilities of interaction. If, like myself, you believe that games are not mere cash making slot machines that should be used for evil and profit, but works of art meant to inspire us to greatness, then read on (or check my list of games).

My name is Iancu and I have decided to go out there and tell my own stories the indie way with very little experience or knowledge to back such action. Now the problem is that I am not that young and I am not that smart, and in fact the more I learn the stupider I feel.

I am trying to learn unity and C#, programming architecture and advanced concepts, automatic software testing, pixel art graphics and animation, chiptunes and digital marketing and everything else in between.

It is one of the hardest things I have ever attempted, but I decided to keep going nonetheless. Join me on this grand adventure and let me tell you my stories.

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